Hope City Center in Fort Lauderdale Helps Ex-Offenders Reenter Society

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Hope City Center Gives Ex-Offenders A Second Chance from Janeen Johnally on Vimeo. Hope City Center, a faith based non-profit organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, helps female ex-offenders reenter society by providing social support and services. Hope City Center offers… Continue Reading


Recovering Addicts in South Florida Explain Why They Are Victors Instead of Victims

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Recovering Addicts Reflect on Recovery from Janeen Johnally on Vimeo. POMPANO BEACH – Recovering addicts Nicole Murano, Monica Morin, Bobbie Linkhorn, and Kelley Roberts explained why they feel they are victors of their addiction. It is important to avoid victimizing… Continue Reading

Over Prescription of Painkillers Reignites Heroin Addiction for Double Amputee in Pompano Beach


POMPANO BEACH – After enduring a traumatic train accident in 2007, 40-year-old Cheryl Risse relapsed into her heroin addiction after being over prescribed pain medication to treat her anxiety in Pompano Beach, Florida. On July 5, 2007, a freight train… Continue Reading

Barber Crosses the Country to Change Lives for the Needy


Nicolàs Martinez, The Cross Country Barber from Janeen Johnally on Vimeo. PLANTATION, FL – 28-year-old Nicolàs Martinez, a Marine veteran, travels the country to cut hair for people in need. Martinez’ clients primarily include individuals battling homelessness, veterans, hospital patients,… Continue Reading