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My name is Janeen Johnally. I live in South Florida and am a 23-year-old new media journalism graduate student at Full Sail University. In my spare time, I enjoy critiquing movies, going out to eat with my friends and playing with my 5-year-old Yorkie, Mya. Although I can be introverted and shy at times, I have a niche for making people laugh and am an excellent listener.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. For a year, I provided social services to advocate for children but I soon realized I wanted a bigger voice. Although I did not continue to pursue a career as a social worker, this field taught me a lot about social empowerment and social justice, which will be the thesis portrayed throughout my website.

With my experience in social work, this website will serve as an outlet to promote social change. So often in life, we tend to judge and define others by their outward appearances. Everyone has a story, which may or may not equate to his or her current situation. Personality and intelligence cannot be determined merely by one’s occupation or attire. I believe that beauty and heroism is often overlooked and I am embarking on a personal journey to find it within my community. I will conduct a series of interviews and document citizens who are inspiring in their own right.

My intimate approach to journalism will promote social empowerment and give the people a chance to be heard. By interacting with people in my community, I intend to surpass social statuses to find beauty and inspiration in everyone I meet, including you!

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  1. Thank you Janeen for covering this years Relay For Life. It is a great story and pictures. You helped give it a voice in our community. I haven’t heard of Somebodies before now but believe you are a great asset to the community.
    I served as Event Chair for Relay For Life for four years and was happy to relinquish reins to Pam Beasley Pittman. I was a bit worried leaving the position because I wanted a replacement who would keep the passion and vision alive. When Pam agreed to do it I was relieved. I knew she would do just that. Why was I so concerned about this? I am a Survivor and the one chosen for the Rebirth of the Carter Park Relay For Life Cancer Walk in 2009.
    It gives me great joy to see Carter Park’s Relay grow from infancy to where we are now. At that time I didn’t even knowing about Relay For Life. I was persuaded to serve as Chair and with the help of God and some good friends who knew my journey, we did it.
    Anyway Janeen, just wanted to say Thank You from therebirth mother of Carter Park’s Relay.

    Mrs. Rose Roberts Poole
    Cancer Survivor & Community Advocate

  2. Janeen I am so proud of you. I foresee a great future ahead for you. There is a GREAT journalist in the making!!

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