Hope City Center in Fort Lauderdale Helps Ex-Offenders Reenter Society

Hope City Center Gives Ex-Offenders A Second Chance from Janeen Johnally on Vimeo.

Hope City Center, a faith based non-profit organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, helps female ex-offenders reenter society by providing social support and services. Hope City Center offers a multitude of services including, but not limited to case management, financial literacy, social services, and housing referrals.

Teresa Osgood, ordained minister and founder of Hope City Center, was inspired to create the organization based on a vision she had in 2002.“God began to work with me to understand the underlying issues that women have that cause them to be not only in poverty but end up in prison,” said Osgood.

Despite currently offering services to female ex-offenders, Hope City Center is working with advisory board member Minister Alpha Dunbar to extend services to male ex-offenders.

Providing ex-offenders with resources is essential in order to reduce recidivism, “a person’s relapse into criminal activity.” According to an article featured in Social Work Research, “without access to necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and personal identification, former inmates may see no other option than to return to illegal activities to meet their needs.”

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Florida Recidivism 2013 Report

Even more so, the article states “ex-offenders often lack sufficient human and social capital to help them navigate life outside of prison.” Ex-offenders also face other issues after prison release such as stigma, legal barriers, and housing availability.

Hope City Center provides services in order to help ease the transition from prison so that ex-offenders can have a second chance at life. With your support, Hope City Center can provide more resources to ex-offenders.

Volunteering services or donating funds or goods to Hope City Center will have a major impact on the clients. To help reduce the rate of recidivism and help ex-offenders reintegrate back into society, please visit www.hopecitycenter.org.